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(Saturday - Spring Equinox)

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City Hash House Harriers 2ndt annual race the tram

Sat 21-Sep-2024, first 35 tram after 3:30pm.

About 8.5km versus the city circle tram.  Start & Finish D-11 Tram Stop, Waterfront City, Docklands.

Pre-run & post-run hydration - Urban Alley Brewery.

Race the Tram no. 1, 23-Sep-2023

On a cool, but still & sunny Melbourne Spring afternoon 19 of Melbourne's finest turned up for City Hash House Harriers first annual Race the Tram (No. 35 City Circle Tram around the city).  Athletes have been training for months in anticipation of an epic harriers versus machine duel around the Hoddle Grid.
In late mail though, news filter through to race HQ (Urban Alley Brewery) that the tram had forfieted.  A quickly devised rules change: clockwise (direction of scheduled tram), with two official drink stops: The Imperial Hotel and The Duke of Wellington.  First hasher back to be deemed Monarch of Melbourne (or Tyrant of Tramways), the next and much more celebrated award to the first hasher back within 1.5 hours and most drink stops over and above the two official drink stops.

As readers might anticipated everything deteriorated in short time, with drink stops a plenty and some bucket-of-shots drink stopper coming in closer to the 2 hour mark, while FRBs Princess Mary & Just James tied for Tyrant of the Tramways, Skinny Tool got the coveted Frothy Tram Award with 3 drinks stops (Insignia on Flinders in addition to the 2 official drink stops) & within the 1.5 hours.

A great day was had by all, On on until Race-the-Tram 2024. 

On On Magazine - City Hash.pdf

Race the Tram no.1's write-up in the International On On Magazine.

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City Hash House Harriers annual race the tram - Sat closest to the Spring Equinox, first no. 35 tram after 3:30pm.

Meet up at the Urban Alley Brew Pub for pre-race hydration.

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NOTE:  all road & pedestrian rules apply, as they would for any other run you choose to go on.  This is an unorganised gathering of half-minded people going for a run - you do so of your own volitian.

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